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“DuraMale has spiced up our sex sessions. My husband could never perform in bed and used to ejaculate within a minute of penetration. After taking DuraMale, he was able to retain his urge of ejaculation for another 10 minutes which gave me immense sexual satisfaction. ”

Stacy, 33, U.K.


“I suffered from premature ejaculation for a long time. I tried several PE medications but nothing gave me relief. On recommendation from my friend, I started using DuraMale. I must say that DuraMale is very effective and has changed my life for the better. Now I enjoy complete control with this amazing herbal premature ejaculation pills. ”

Ron R., 39, New Zealand


“I was suffering from premature ejaculation and have tried many de-sensitizing creams and oil before which left me more embarrassing and also all of them were difficult to handle. I don’t need to worry now because DuraMale has given me complete control over my ejaculation problem. Thank you.”

Name withheld on request, Washington


“My husband had the problem of premature ejaculation - we tried out every possible medicine to get free from this problem, but nothing helped. We learned about DuraMale and my husband wanted to try it out too as it was an herbal medication with no side-effects. DuraMale tablets were great; they helped my husband get free from premature ejaculation totally. Today, we enjoy ourselves in bed and orgasm has become so wonderful for us; it was never so before. Thank you guys!

Natalie, 42, Canberra


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“…I used to ejaculate just as soon as I started sexual intercourse. This made me very frustrated in life and I had lost hope trying various treatments for premature ejaculation until a friend advised me to go online and order 2 bottles of DuraMale. My worries have disappeared ever since...”

Elmo, Seattle

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